Fishing Report

June 19, 2017   Sea Temp 58 degrees

Striper fishing continues to be solid this spring.  Lots of schoolies around the shore.  Fly fisherman are having a blast, small stripers taking white, pink white and crab clousers almost daily.  The soft bait lures continue to reel fish in at Mousam, Webhannet and York River mouths, mornings and evenings seem to be best.  The Storm 360 searchbait and Savage sandeel lures in 3"- 5" have hands down caugh the most fish this season so far.

The larger stripers have been caught on bait.  Mackerel, Clam and Sandworm all yielding keepers this past week.  The Webhannet River and Wells Harbor were full of fish on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  Trolling tubes with sandworms worked well for Pierre on the incoming tide late afternoon.  There were mid 30" fish in the surf along York Beach and Kittery Point in the last week as well.  Some landed from boats on Live Macks, others from shore with chunk.

This beauty was caught on Live eels this morning.  Lots of river herring reported in the Mousam River.  Pollack from the Wells bell and Jetty (bait sized) and spotty Mackerel.  Macks being found schooled up offshore about 5 miles for a good part of last week.  They came in close only a few days last week.

Offshore (when the seas allow) has been fantastic.  Haddock and Pollack taking white and purple flys.

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